Fitness in Higher Education

When it comes to higher education, it can seem like you have a lot on your plate. And, that’s not exactly wrong, per se. There are classes, homework, essays, exams, and more vying your time and energy. This can leave us feeling like we may not have time for other things that are important to us, and nothing suffers more than fitness. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. So, grab your Finish Line gear, because here are some tips to help you stay fit in college.

First and foremost, many college campuses have on campus gyms for students to use for free. This is a fairly ideal scenario for most of us. Before class or after, depending on your preferences, you can simply get in your workout without going out of the way to do so. This can be ideal for many reasons. For example, the presence of gym equipment without the exorbitant gym membership fee, as tuition covers said fee, making the gym the cherry on top of your education, in a manner of speaking. This is also a way to work out with peers who can help you with advice when you need it or simply keep you company, if that’s what you’re into.

However, many of us are introverts who aren’t exactly comfortable in social situations, not to mention the rise of social anxiety. Therefore, the above suggestion may be one of the worst possible ideas for those us who fit this description. However, the availability of workout videos on YouTube render this null and void. Simply finding a workout routine you like and doing it in the privacy of your own dorm or apartment can be a tremendous benefit. So, there’s no good reason to forego fitness for your diploma. The two go together better than you think, and I didn’t even mention sports.