Who Is Qualified to Conduct a Professional Search?

Recruiters who work for top agencies are usually on their second careers. The first career included experience in the industry for which they now recruit managers and executives. Who better to fully understand the demands of the job than someone who has held a similar position? A former hospital administrator, for example, will have unique insights into many top level jobs in the field of health care. Someone with experience in accounting is best suited to select candidates for a chief financial officer (CFO) position. Agencies can train recruiters on how to conduct background checks, verify qualifications, and interview candidates, but they cannot teach the nuances of a specific industry or field. That is why top ranked agencies seek professionals to conduct a Professional search for high-level positions.

Some careers experience a high rate of burnout, people may want a change of pace, new challenges may be desired. Recruiters can still draw on previous experiences while embarking on a new career. It is an opportunity to switch jobs without having to learn everything from the ground up. Contacts in the business are still helpful when seeking a candidate for a particular vacant position. Developing questions for initial interviews are easier due to familiarity with how the business operates. Discerning the culture of a company for the purposes of finding an ideal match does not take up too much time. Explaining job expectations well helps candidates decide if the position is suited to their goals. The overall results are more successful for the recruiter. The process of devising a short list for the company is expedited, retention rates are higher, and the company is more inclined to request you for the next search.

Explore the possibility of becoming a recruiter by researching some larger agencies. Find out what their minimum qualifications include, ask about their orientation program, and submit an application. Some top agencies offer flexible work schedules, provide a fun work environment, and reward recruiters with trips and bonuses. Professionals who have been considering a change for a while, but are dreading starting all over should look into recruiting as a second career. Businesses rely on recruiting agencies to fill most key positions instead of announcing vacancies to the general public so the demand for recruiters rarely diminishes.