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DOG INJURIES: HIRE A LAWYER Many people are bitten by animals and a high percentage of animals which injury are dogs. In cases of animal injuries a person may have legal rights to recover damages from either the person who owns the animal or any responsible party. In the case of an animal injury, the first measure you should take is to seek first medical care. If not treated early and on time an animal injury can cause severe injury to the individual. People should also consider consulting an attorney experienced in animal injuries; this is after seeking medical attention and evaluation. A lawyer, in this case, is in a position to say if you have a legal claim and also what damages can be recovered from the claim. A lawyer will ask you detailed report or information about the circumstances surrounding your animal injury or what made the animal damage you. For your case to be at least valid for a legal claim you should be able to provide the lawyer with the information on the animal’s owner about their name and telephone number. Lost wages medical expenses and also sufferings cost by the animal damage can be recovered from the court as compensation. Punitive damages may be entitled in some instances they are awarded to punish someone for his or her behavior. Wrongdoers act must be established more than negligence to justify punitive damages hence proved as recklessness and intentional conduct. An example of punitive damages is when a dog owner knew very well his dog is very dangerous and allows it to run free near a school and the dog eventually attacks a child this could be concluded as punitive damages.
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The owner of the animal should first be found as a first step to know who is responsible for the animal injury. The owner of the animal may be liable if they allowed the dog to wander free having in mind it tended biting people. Some cities impose what is known as strict liability. Strict liability is defined as when an owner is legally responsible for an animal damage regardless of whether or not the owner did anything wrong in regards to protecting others from an animal attack. In this case even if the person had no reason to know if the animal was dangerous or not, the owner would still be liable.
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The affected party has a right to compensation because of the pain encountered in the recovery of from the animal injury. When the lawyers understand your case they know what it will surely take the case to win and can advise you on exactly how to proceed with the case.

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