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Lawyers and SEO Don’t Mix

Having an online presence may be something for lawyers. Many lawyers can get more cases, if they can be seen online. SEO is something that some lawyers are getting into. The thing is SEO is not as complicated as you might expect with law, but it may be surprisingly difficult. Lawyers may not be in the best position when they are engaging with SEO. There is nothing that is simple with SEO. You may end up in a disaster if you think SEO for lawyers will work. It seems we need to realize how bad an idea SEO for lawyers can be if done by lawyers. Let’s try to see why.

It would be a bad thing if you drive the jury to sleep in a trial. It is not that you as a lawyer is boring. Web writers may not be great and too boring to people that they tend to sleep. If you drive them to sleep without first telling them what you want to say then it can be a disaster. This is a classic failure of SEO for lawyers. We have to face reality, humans in general, have short attention spans. Humans may be attentive up to 15 minutes at a time. Being attentive is not a human thing, as the goldfish might be better. Our attention span, studies say, may be decreasing and that is scary. Waiting is not good online, that is why search engines give the answers right away as possible. Turn to the standards when you create content on the web. This means the paragraphs are short and there are plenty of white spaces. Lawyers may not have the exact mindset they have picked up in law school. Now we realize why SEO for lawyers, where lawyers are ones behind can be a bad thing. When writing on the web, you may instead go against the established rules of writing. Lawyers doing SEO for lawyers can surely be a disaster.
Keyword research is part of SEO. If you engage in legal research, it may not be the same online. It is also important to choose the right keyword. Unable to choose the right keyword may be a bad omen as it may not cause the ranking to swell. Failing in keyword research, you fail SEO.

If you do SEO, you need to have plenty of attention. It is best to engage well with analytics to be great in SEO. To be great, people in SEO knows how to anticipate the changes and possibilities. They spend a lot of time solving problems.
The cyberspace is a completely different court. Lawyers may be better having time off for socializing than in SEO. Let the experts be the one that help you rank better. It would be nicer for the lawyer to realize SEO experts are the best.

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