Freight Forwarding Companies Get Products Where They Need To Be

Moving products and goods from manufacturer or source point to their final distribution point or customers requires some logistics that many companies, both large and small, aren’t prepared to do themselves. For this reason, many business owners turn to freight forwarding companies that have the skills and experience to handle shipping requirements, government regulations, document preparation and warehousing needs that inevitably arise. While a freight forwarder doesn’t move the freight itself, this type of company knows how to make sure products and goods are where they need to be at the right time, whether that’s by land or sea.

Some of the tasks a forwarding company takes on for its clients can include customs clearance services. Customs clearing might seem overwhelming, but an experienced freight forwarder knows how to deal with insurance regulations, bill of lading requirements and documentation needed for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier shipments. A freight forwarder relies on software to help goods and products clear customs at both seaports and airports. Specialized information that can affect a business owner’s goods, such as value-added tax, health regulations or other regulations is handled easily by a freight forwarding company.

Using a freight forwarder can save business owners and their employees untold hours of stress and work, particularly if they aren’t well-versed in the process. Filing of documentation related to exporting and importing goods, crating goods, and determining the best method of transportation are areas of expertise freight forwarders offer. Even risk assessment and risk management are parts of the services freight forwarders offer to their clients, helping the businesses determine the best ways to get their products and goods to their final destinations. It’s worthwhile for companies to hand off these varied but essential components of shipping to experts.

In the United Kingdom, J S Forwarding has been in business for more than 30 years along the eastern coast of England. Based out of Felixstowe, the company provides customs clearance help for all the major UK ports. Air service and road service freight forwarding are also part of the company’s expertise. J S Forwarding can also work with a company’s warehousing needs that are part of its freight forwarding plan. Working with an experienced freight forwarder can help a business get its products where they need to be when they need to be there.