Alternatives to Using Peanut Oil

While peanut oil may be a healthy fat to cook with there are many people that are allergic to peanuts and their products. For those that are allergic to peanut products including peanut oil there are some other options. There are a number of tasty substitutes for peanut oil.
Refined Canola Oil
This oil can be used to replace peanut oil because it is extracted from the rapeseed. This oil is low in saturated fat and is a healthy alternative to peanut oil. This oil can tolerate high temperatures and it does not have a strong flavor.
Refined Corn Oil
This oil is extracted from corn kernels and has a very high smoking point that is similar to peanut oil. This oil is light and can be found in a number of stores. This oil is also cheaper than other oils and can be used for a number of purposes in the kitchen.
These are just a few of the substitutes for peanut oil. For those that cannot be around peanut these oils will produce the same effect when cooking.