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Distinctive features in Gmail accounts.

Gmail’s features are different from other email accounts. The features of Gmail makes it different from other emails; accounts. The many Gmail’s uses make it familiar. By the year 2015 in May, Gmail already had 900 million users. Gmail accounts have the following features.
Security is the first feature. Since the use of email exposes account user to risk, Gmail offers protection to ensures the user’s safety. Gmail’s first security measure is the two-step verification process. Gmail sends to the user a code useable only once to verify his or her account upon signing into Gmail. Chances of thieves with someone’s password signing into accounts immorally are minimized by this. An additional feature of security on Gmail is the security checkup. Through this feature, the user is always in a position to protect his or her account. After running a check up, one is then required to edit their backup information. The recovery information includes the phone number, the backup email and a security question. The user verifies all devices he or she uses Gmail on and also reviewing the apps that can access their information.

Storage is Gmail’s other feature. Someone can store his or her data on Gmail Someone’s files, documents and photos may be retained on the Gmail drive. Gmail provides this service at no monetary cost. Each account has a storage space of up to 15GB. If the 15GB is not sufficient, one can purchase more storage.

Another feature is that one can use a Gmail account on any device. It is not only computers that can handle emails. A phone, tablet, a smart watch and a laptop can be used to access a Gmail account. Someone only requires a Gmail app.

Customized themes are also a feature of Gmail. It is easy for users to customize their Gmail’s background theme. One can access the themes from Gmail themes. Personal images can also be used to create the background theme for people who require a personalized touch.

Gmail has also organization as a unique feature. One can customize Gmail with more than themes. Someone who needs to separate emails for easy access can use labels. One can use the labels to distinguish work from home and apartment emails. To controlling the inbox message flow, one can use filters.

The next feature is Gmail at Work. Companies attach their address on the email. Easy access to multiple accounts is also possible.
Hangouts are also another feature of Gmail. Users can chat through hangouts without necessarily sending an email.

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