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Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Exercising. When you are physically active, you trigger your brain to work at its optimal capacity by making nerve cells multiply reinforce their interconnections. When you exercise, your nerve cells generate proteins that will help improve your brain power. Protective effects to your brain through the creation of nerve-protecting compounds are provided when you are active in activities like sports. Consistent sleeping pattern. Sleep helps reset your mind to look at challenges from a different viewpoint hence increasing your creativity. You can easily deduce connections between distantly related ideas after a single good night’s sleep. Adults who regularly get a midday nap were found to restore and increase their brain power radically. Coconut oil intake. By converting the glucose in your blood to energy, the brain can operate correctly. When your brain’s energy is decreased due to less insulin production that is supposed to be converted to energy, your brain will starve and won’t function normally. A portion of Alzheimer’s patients’ brains start to starve and this leading to loss of speech and memory. Not being able to [produce insulin to convert blood sugar into energy will make your brain starve. Your brain can be able to function on more than one type of energy supply hence you can use coconut oil to help feed your brain and restore it in its natural functio9ning state. Before starting to take high doses of coconut oil, you must first start taking it in smaller amounts and build up to high doses because not everyone reacts the same way.
Where To Start with Supplements and More
Turn up the music in your room. Listening to music will increase your level of thinking and mental focus. Listening to music while working out has been shown to improve cognitive functioning levels. Do brain acrobatics. Another way you can improve your brain function is by increasing your knowledge. Your neurons organization and magnitude will change as long as you keep adding new things to your memory and educating yourself on various areas. Participating in society and social services can be another great way of improving your intellectual power. You can also try brain acrobatics to improve your smartness. Instead of watching television, research has also shown that browsing the internet is more active as it activates the parts of your brains associated with decision making and hard reasoning hence engaging in such a task will immensely improve your mind power.
Supplements Tips for The Average Joe
Supplementing with vitamin B12. Research shows that people who are vitamin B12 deficient can score lower marks on cognitive tests. Supplementing with vitamin B12 can help reduce brain atrophy, especially in elderly people.

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