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We do not live on Islands or in any perfect world, and the things that frequently occur in our lives on a daily basis can be difficult to control at times. Being in that state of preparedness is very vital, but also one should be flexible despite the prior planning because we don’t know how these events will turn out to be. It is a good idea to have a plan that suits that particular event, but if should be a flexible one to lead through in good and bad times as well for the best outcome.
It is recommended that the drivers be well prepared both their cars and themselves in case of anything happening on the road in the course of their driving so that they handle the situation in the best way possible, despite the season. Despite the conditions that seem very obvious with the weather changes and those that are encountered on the roads frequently like the slippery roads, rainy conditions, dusty weather, bumpy roads very hot or very chilly temperatures, one should not take them as a normal encounter and assume all of them but instead they should be very careful to plan on the consequences if a told this would occur so that the safety of the individuals is safeguarded.
The lesser the cars on the road the lesser the chances of car accidents happening, therefore concerning this, one should drive their automobiles if it is a must they do so to help avoid so much congestion that might result into car accidents due to overtaking because maybe someone is in much hurry. Any driver needs to make sure that nothing interferes with their vision during their driving, and therefore they require that the car windows to be cleared at all times hence the windshield wipers should be functional at all times and this should be checked before driving to avoid the cases whereby it is raining, or it is very dusty, and the driver is unable to see clearly through the windscreen hence causing unplanned accident.
Defensive driving is another factor that helps prevent the occurrence of the many car accidents along the way, and this should be done by evading the not required lane changes as well as avoiding the small roads and choosing to use the main roads to ensure that the distance between your car and that ahead is good enough to avoid any collision in case the one in front moves back unexpectedly.

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